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Shrek Costumes

Check this selection of officially-licensed Shrek Costumes, as well as accessories to make you look even more authentic wearing a Shrek Movie Costume. From Shrek and Gingerbread Man, to Dronkey and Fiona, you will find all those favorite Movie Character Costumes here.

Welcome to the World of Shrek! So you’ve seen all four adventure movies and would like to portray the unforgettable and funny moments so many vivid characters in the movie brought to life. There is unlimited fun for the whole family: babies, girls and boys, women and men, even the dog, with officially-licensed Shrek Costumes, as well as accessories to make your look even more authentic.

Shrek and Princess Fiona make a perfect couple costume. In the later movies, her Fiona Warrior look was introduced, but in the end, she always goes back to wearing her traditional long, green, velvet gown. She has wardrobe changes, though, to try to keep up with her active and happy triplets.

Shrek’s talkative companion, Donkey, has laugh-out-loud costumes that will impress everyone. The Gingerbread Man is also a favorite character that people never forget. Similarly to Fiona, Gingerbread underwent a wardrobe development within the movies where he became a Gingerbread Warrior, and we have that costume as well. Let’s not forget the sassy cat with the conveniently sad eyes, Puss in Boots. Last but not least, Shrek Pet Costume will be perfect for your four-legged friend.

Accessories for your complete Shrek Far, Far Away adventure include Shrek Trick or Treat Pails, Shrek and Donkey Masks, Shrek Green Ogre Hands, Shrek Ears and Teeth, Fiona Swords, and beautiful red, braided pigtail Fiona Wigs.

This Halloween bring back one of last decade’s most lovable series fairy tale. With Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter, we watched the last of the sequels, but all of the characters will be cherished by kids and adults for years and generations to come. There will be the upcoming 15th and 20th anniversaries since the first movie appeared in theaters in the summer of 2001. Until then, keep enjoying the four movies and get your lines right for when you are lucky enough to be a happy Shrek family member by wearing Shrek Costumes. Shrek started off as an ogre but progressed to be quite the admirable family man, loving husband and father.