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Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter costumes are as magical as the stories they represent. With critically acclaimed characters and a plot that seems to never end, the Harry Potter costume craze is one of a kind. Wonder Costumes celebrates Harry and his magical adventures with a wide selection of official costumes form all the Harry Potter movies.

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Products 1-20 of 56

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Pages:Products 1-20 of 56

Products 1-20 of 56

Harry Potter costumes owe their success to the box office results even though it is one of those rare franchises that has been a critical and commercial smash both on the page and the silver screen, and as with any franchise that reaches a certain level of adulation, the Harry Potter franchise has given rise to fans rivaled only by the Star Wars franchise.

The Harry Potter fans have a level of dedication and creativity that itself seems like magic, whether it is the creative costumes they design for conventions or Halloween, or it’s their ingenuity surrounding book and film releases where they turn a mundane wait into a full blown party with costumes and all. It takes a special kind of property to elicit such creativity among fans, and with Harry Potter, it’s not hard to see why it is as revered as it is.

If you were to take away the fantastical costumes, creatures and locations of the series, it would still prove to be as popular as it already is because of its primary appeal – relatability. At its core, Harry Potter is a story about an ostracized and downtrodden boy whose life takes a turn for the better when he finds out he is something beyond his wildest dreams – a wizard. And while he’d love to revel in that fact, he is someone famous for unfortunate reasons and must carry that weight as what makes him special also puts him in the primary antagonist, Lord Voldemort’s crosshairs. This is a story of good and evil featuring extremely potent and culturally relevant themes that continue to resonate even today, and the fact that it is coated in magic and with the advent of the film adaptations, technical and aesthetic splendors such as the sets, the visual effects and the costumes is a bonus.

Ever since the first book came out in 1997, the franchise has been immensely popular, with the fans designing their own costumes and accessories such as wands and robes as per their imagination, but once the film adaptations started hitting the screens, the popularity of the franchise exponentially increased, thanks to the relatively wider reach of the film medium. Chris Columbus put forward a very uniquely visual take with the first film that captured the essence of Rowling’s writing magnificently, especially in the sets and costumes in the sense of joy and enchantment it conveyed, but as the novels matured in storytelling, so did the films with their visual approach, starting with Alfonso Cuaron’s third installment that introduced a darker palette with redesigned costumes to complement the darker tones. This was further continued by David Yates in the last four installments where he introduced major redesigns to costumes as well as a chilling vibe to costumes like the Dementor costume or the Death Eater costume that helped sell the atmosphere of the film as well as the novels. David Yates is widely praised for his approach, and the character designs and costumes he introduced remain the favorite with Potterheads to date, to a point where these are the costumes and designs the fans retroactively imagine the characters adhering to when they re-read the books!

With the release of a new script-book and impending spin-offs, the franchise is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, prompting sold-out costumes across the country, and knowing the needs of the fans, Wonder Costumes has shown the prescience to stock up on all possible costumes the fans might need, so they don’t not have a costume for the upcoming film’s premiere or the subsequent costumed conventions. Wonder Costumes is your online equivalent of ‘Accio Costumes!’ for all things Harry Potter!