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Transformers Costumes

Official Transformers costumes do an incredible job at portraying Michael Bay's over the top CG designs in physical form. Our selection of Transformers costumes is vast, including the most popular characters from the live action/CG movies as well as the classic TV show and comic books.

Transformers: The Last Knight Costumes

Check out the new Transformer Costumes for Halloween 2017

Transformers costumes are of epic proportions. In today’s world, where franchises tend to skew towards the millennial demographic, the Transformers films serve as a bit of an anomaly in how with each installment, they continues to attract a sizable portion of the middle-aged demographic as well. And these figures are consistent across all mediums, whether we are talking about collector’s edition toys sold, costumes sold or even other merchandise sold. Taking the statistics, and the fact that the first Transformers toys and TV series came out over thirty years ago, we can very enthusiastically conclude that Transformers have a timeless appeal, because if a franchise makes a person in their thirties or forties giddy at the thought of dressing up in the same costume as their favorite character, the franchise clearly didn’t miss the memo on timelessness!

The core concept behind Transformers is deceptively simple – they’re a group of vehicles and objects capable of transforming into giant robots, classified as either Autobots or Decepticons, based on whether they ally themselves with Optimus Prime or Megatron, representatives of good and evil respectively. Transformers initially started out as a toy line by Hasbro, but sensing an opportunity to create a rich universe around the characters, a TV series was developed in 1984, and it was this TV series that can be credited with most of the lore around the series, such as Cybertron, or the ever popular characters of Bumblebee, Ironhide and Starscream among others. Soon enough, the series had gained massive popularity among its young audience, and even as far back in the 1980s, the series had caught on so quickly, that every other costume you saw on Halloween was a Transformers costume, with the Optimus Prime Costume, Bumblebee Costume and Megatron Costume proving as popular back then as they are today.

Owing to the success of the first generation of the TV series, another one was greenlit, and it continued through the mid-90s with subtle tweaks to the original’s formula before the franchise went into a semi-hibernation for about a decade. However, while the animated series rested for a while, Hollywood opened up to the immense potential that lay in these characters and this universe, and produced under the watchful eye of Steven Spielberg and directed with the explosive bombast of Michael Bay, the first film, Transformers was released in 2007 to tremendous commercial success. Owing to the success of the first film, more sequels were ordered, with all of them directed by Michael Bay to increasing commercial success, with the last two films breaking the billion dollar mark as well!

The films have never shied away from showing a more militarized perspective, and the unique look at the show’s mythology has led to the films creating their own parallel mythology, but the warm commercial reaction indicates audiences have come to love Michael Bay’s vision of Transformers, both the cartoon purists, and the millennials whom the film targets, and all of this is reinforced in the sheer number of costumes seen on Halloween each year across people of all ages. With a fifth film set for 2017, this demand for Transformers costumes is only going to increase, and we at Wonder Costumes have readied ourselves for the same so that when the moment comes, we have the latest and greatest costumes and accessories for the fans! A quick perusal through Wonder Costumes’ extensive collection of costumes and accessories will be enough to convince the staunchest of fans that Wonder Costumes is the destination for Transformers costumes and accessories, no matter what the occasion. And that is a Wonder Costumes promise.