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Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

Move over, Captain Hook! Disney's most notorious swashbuckler is Jack Sparrow, and he brings about a boat load of Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes made famous by his very charm. Shop the costumes of the supporting characters from every Pirates of the Caribbean movie; from villains to allies, Jack Sparrow's adventures always are the setting for superb costumes!

Now What's So Cool About Pirates?

Well, what's not cool? Stories about pirates have always been legendary tales told in many forms, whether as a book, or even a movie. One of those movies, actually, one of the biggest franchises to exist, is the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. These Disney films have shined a big light on the life of a pirate. The films have been around for so long and everybody, mostly kids, has always dreamt of what it was like to actually be a pirate! Sailing the seven seas on a beautiful ship while hunting down an enormous chest of treasure. From what's been told, a pirate's life is guaranteed to have adventure.

Other than the daring excitement of a pirate's life, one of the other coolest traits of a pirate is the costume of a pirate! What's so special about a pirate's costume? A pirate's costume has always been unique to the pirate brand. The costume of a pirate can also be considered today as the "cool" of the 18th-19th century. These awesome scoundrels were defined by their costumes, as fearless, bold, and undaunted people. If you have a love for pirate costumes, well, as luck would find it, this category is the one for you! Ahoy!

Our Selection of Pirate Costumes for Girls and Women!

Here at Wonder Costumes, if you look at the category, we have an excellent selection of pirate costumes for both girls and women! Our costumes will give you a good authentic pirate look for Halloween night, or any other occasion. For example, take a look at the Angelica Pirates of The Caribbean costume for girls; we give you the full costume, specially designed to match the character in the films, all at a good price. All you need to purchase is the compass and your girl is all set. We also have a deluxe version of the costume for women! Another example of our costumes available is the Sassy Jack Sparrow costume for the ladies! We make the look for Jack Sparrow available for women in this sexy and sleek costume. So what are you waiting for? Pick out your favorite costume and we'll get it to you new and ready to wear!

Our Selection of Pirate Costumes for Boys and Men!

In this Pirates of The Caribbean costumes category, you might notice that the most costumes we have available for men and boys are of Captain Jack Sparrow! These costumes of the iconic loved character are in in very high demand. So we do are best here to make these costumes available to you at a good price and give you an excellent pirate costume to wear! Take a look at our deluxe Jack Sparrow costumes for boys teen and the teen/men costume prestige; whichever costume for your kid or yourself. With these costumes, we give you most of what you need to get a full authentic Jack Sparrow costume adapted from the films. With the purchase of either of these costumes, the only thing you'll need to complete it is the iconic sword but other than that, we have you covered!

Why Buy From Us?

We here at Wonder Costumes only want the best for our customers! We have a wide variety of costumes available to purchase on both our website and in our store. We price our costumes the best way possible for our customers for a reasonable purchase. If you are to have any questions regarding our Pirates of the Caribbean category, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-288-9916 click to call or e-mail info@wondercostumes.com and our staff will gladly give you the answers you need!