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Star Trek Costumes

Enjoy Top Ten Movements from Star Trek Movies

Shop your Start Trek Costumes for Kids & Adults.

Star Trek’s creator, producer and writer, Gene Roddenberry, truly had a futuristic vision for all humankind (television viewers). The ground-breaking, undying original TV series began in 1966 with six intermittent seasons of shows spanning through all decades up to 2005. Additionally, twelve films have been produced about this great Sci-Fi “enterprise” starting in the late 70’s, all through the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and up to this year’s “Into Darkness” released in May. Be the next generation of Star Trek lovers dressed up in the latest officially-licensed Star Trek Movie Costumes and Accessories for kids & adults.

For babies and toddlers there is Little Kirk Costume featuring a one-piece, fleece jumpsuit with a screen-printed Starfleet emblem, attached dickie yellow top and black pants or Little Spock Baby/Toddler Costume including same jumpsuit but with a blue top and black headpiece with Spock-like sideburns and pointy ears.

For kids, teens and adults, there are jersey shirts in all colors: black, blue, red and gold with silver bands at the wrists, attached black dickie collar and an embroidered Star Fleet emblem. Specifically for girls and women, there are short, Star Fleet emblem pinned sheath dresses with three quarters length sleeves with printed gold bands on cuffs and black trim low cut neck collars, which can be fashionably be worn with high white or black boots.

Star Trek has remained a top cult phenomenon for all of these past five decades and will very well continue to attract fans of deep, outer space adventures. Dress up in the entertainment franchise fashions where humans and aliens practice peace-seeking solutions and an end to violence. Star Trek is renowned for altruistic values, personal loyalties, conflict resolution of political dimensions and cultural realities, which are all great messages for youth of all generations. Roddenberry’s legend blended people from all walks of life when he insisted the Enterprise have a racially diverse crew, something that had never been done before.

The world would benefit from imitation Star Trek’s “universal” space-borne humanitarian and peacekeeping armada of the United Federation of Planets.