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Kids Ninja Costumes

Rule over the Ninja Warriors with your Ninja Costume. Find the best selection of Ninja Kids Costumes for festival, conventions, parties and for your next Trick or Treat event. Enjoy a secure shopping experience and fast shipping options.

Whatever occasion and theme it might be, we are ready to help your boy get his ninja pride on. Our assortment of Kids Costumes is massive. Whether it is for Halloween, a theme party or a ninja gathering, we have what you are looking for.

First, if you are looking for Ninja Turtle Costume from the famous TV and comic book series, we have all four of the characters. That includes Michelangelo in orange, Donatello in purple, Leonardo in blue and Raphael in red. These costumes are very comfortable and easy to wear.

Secondly, if you are a fan of the long running TV show the Power Rangers, we offer a variety of Boy Costumes. Your youngster can suit up in their favorite Power Ranger Costume. We also have some Pink Power Ranger Costumes for girls. Speaking of other ninja TV shows, we also have a selection of outfit from the Avengers TV series in colors red, blue, green and white.

Third, we have a wide variety of Ninja Warrior Costumes that are not TV show themed. Whether you are trying to be a samurai, stealth or something else, our assortment has various choices. Some of our most unique costumes are the Ninja Tiger Boys Costume, the Skull Ninja Master Boys Costume and the Silver Mirror Ninja Boys Costume. The majority of these costumes are black combined with other colors and patterns creating different styles of Ninja outfits that will look great for Halloween, school plays, parties, conventions and more.

Finally, when it comes to accessories, we have a selection of toy swords, sais and gloves to finish off your Ninja Themed Costume. Kids can take part in school events in classic Ninja outfits along with matching ninja masks and ninja accessories, these accessories are made of plastic to be safe around with kids.