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Japanese Costumes

This Halloween, visit the Far East with one of our Japanese Costumes. Become a silent Ninja as you hide from shadow to shadow at this year’s parties, a Martial Artist or a pretty Geisha with one of our traditional dresses or the sexy ones. Be part of the Japanese Culture with one of these fabulous costumes.

This Halloween, visit the Far East with Japanese Costumes. Japan has gifted various forms of entertainment. They write Manga for you to read, create anime everyone loves, and inspire various Hollywood blockbusters. What better way to thank these Asian masterminds than by dressing up in Japanese Costumes.

Rumors of what ninjas are like are often discussed (since anyone who has ever seen one hasn't lived to retell the tale). It's everyone's dream to be as skillful as them. Become a silent ninja as you hide from shadow to shadow at this year's parties. The whole family can dress up as Martial Artists with Costumes such as: Ninja Master Men's Costume, Ninja Warrior Boys Costume, and Stealth Ninja Toddler Costume. You can opt for a courageous Samurai to defend your honor or a Professional Sumo Wrestler to practice the sport. These Japanese Costumes also include the famous attire inspired by a popular video game "Street Fighter". It's possible to have your own real life duel in these Ryu and Ken costumes. These Japanese Costumes are also great for couples, from Samurais and Ninjas to Ryu and Ken. You can finally see a Ninja versus Samurai fight. Who will be victorious?

Ladies are not left out, this selection includes traditional Kimono and Geisha Costumes. In addition, the Anime Culture is well represented with several Schoolgirl Outfits. You can choose from a variety of costumes such as: Preppy School Girl Anime Costume, Samurai Geisha Women's Costume and Kim Kimono Adult Costume. To complete the look, numerous accessories are available. Wigs, tattoos, and even a parasol can add the final touch to this year's Halloween Costume. Better start learning Japanese because you've already got the look down!