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Plus Size Ghost Costumes

Buy one of our ghost themed Plus Size Costumes and make it a Halloween to remember. Check this selection of Full-figured adult Ghost outfits and pick the perfect costume for you. Ghosts are a traditional Halloween Costume for any age and size so don't hesitate to dress up as one for your next event or costume party.

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Pair up this Halloween or another holiday with a Plus Sized Ghost Costume. A ghost is one of the most traditional costumes one can wear on the October 31st holiday. Without a ghost, pumpkin and witch, there is no Halloween. Ghosts are known to scare all types of people from adults to children. They also are known to haunt houses. Famous TV shows like Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and movies like Ghostbusters have made ghosts more famous than ever.

We have some very nice costumes in our Ghost Plus Size section. For men, the Ghostly Gent Adult Plus Size Costume is a very elaborated theatrical costume. Everyone has family members from earlier times. This outfit represents a ghost from an earlier period, perhaps the 1800s, who is still around your home and will not go away.

For women, the Ghostly Lady Adult Plus Size Costume is the theatrical costume from an earlier time. Dress like a woman from an earlier period and show off your haunted side of never going away from the home you use to occupy.

If you are a man who is looking for something a little more scary and less pricey, then the Ghost Face Zombie Adult Plus Size Costume is a perfect fit. It comes with a black robe, mask, belt and gloves.

Finally, women can get something less pricey and get in on the Ghostbuster craze with the Ghostbuster Costume Adult Plus Size Costume. The outfit includes the dress, belt, hat and backpack.

Buy one of our ghost themed plus sized costumes and make it a Halloween to remember.