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Ghost Adult Costumes

Ghosts haunt Halloween parties they’re invited to. Whether you dress up in a Classic Ghost Adult costume with the jagged-edge, white sheet with cut out eyes or the more elaborate Ghost Stories King Louis XIV Costume that looks as if he just got off the 1700’s time-travel machine, spooking people this Halloween is guaranteed. If you’re creative enough, you can literally take any regular costume and make it a Ghost Costume with white and gray palettes in makeup, hair and fabrics. There is so much in the Ghost theme that your imagination will be working over-time and out-of-this-world.

Women can choose from Ghostly Lady Adult Costume featuring all-tattered-for-aged-effect, full-length gown, tulle petticoat, hat, gloves and wig or the Spirit of the Seas Adult Costume including white lace top/corset belt with lace-up ribbons, attached short skirt, white lace arm sleeves and white velvet hat. Poncho Ghost Face Costume is a black-hooded mini dress, sheer mesh poncho and a center bodice Ghost Face, and Silver Ghost Adult Costume styles a silver/gray gown with tattered and organza accents.

Men can partner up with the ladies with matching costumes such as Ghostly Gent Adult Costume featuring long, white coat, attached-shirt-sleeves vest, Dickie with scarf collar and white pants, hat, gloves and wig. Ghost Captain Adult Costume includes a golden-buttoned white jacket with an attached vest-front, white jabot, pants with attached boot tops and a hat. Headless Ghost Head Adult Costume is a fun optical illusion with a shirt-attached vest under jacket, false hand and sculpted head piece appears to be holding his own living head (your head is hidden). Disappearing Man Floating Ghost Adult Costume also tricks the eye in a dark room where the printed white, in the white and black jumpsuit with attached gloves, socks and hooded mask, seems to float.

Ghost Bride and Groom costumes are always Gothic and Victorian in style, blasts-from-the-past sights to see with romantic off-white lace and gray jackets, bow ties, lace veils, beautiful once-upon-a-time-white, gray, tattered dresses and pale makeup. All ghosts live happily ever after when they come back to life during Halloween with our fashionably scary costumes. All you have to say is Boo!