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Samurai Costumes

Japan, the "Land of the Rising Sun", has been known for a lot more than just Sushi and top-of-the-line technology. Pre-Meji Restoration Japan saw the rise of formidable warriors known as Samurai. The origin of Samurai in Japan was similar to that of European Medieval Knights, in that able-bodied young men, usually of the lower gentry classes, were required to serve the Emperor's military and task forces as bodyguards, soldiers, mercenaries, and enforcers. These young men were required to master the art of combat, weaponry, martial arts, diplomatic relations, and survival. The practice of Zen Buddhism that would spread throughout Japan during the 12th-century C.E. shaped their practices, and thus the Samurai way of life, or Bushido, as it was referred to in Japanese, became an extremely demanding practice that required almost inhuman amounts of self-discipline.

Samurai were often distinguished by elaborate body armor, known as yori, and their habit of openly carrying their swords called katanas, and other weapons in public. Thought the tradition of the Samurai died out after Japan's Restoration period after 1873, you can still carry it on with one of our esteemed Samurai Costumes! Try a Samurai Warrior Plus Size Costume on for size - and get your honey to slip into a Samurai Geisha Adult Costume for an imposing Couples' Costume! And no Samurai outfit is complete without a Sword or Nunchuks Accessory! Break out the Sake! Bushido!