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  •  Roman Sandal Mens Shoes

Roman Sandal Mens Shoes

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Walk right into Ancient Rome and Greece.


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Roman Sandal Mens Shoes - Roman Costumes

Let’s face it. Shoes can make or break your Halloween Costume. All those fresh Nike flip-flops in your closet might look wicked cool, but that won’t change the fact that they won’t look right at all with a Greek or Roman Costume. So here’s a pair that will.

Roman Sandal Mens Shoes are a pair of medium brown leather-look sandals with attached straps. Straps can be tied manually in a crisscrossing pattern up the foot and calves for an authentic look that takes everyone who sees them straight back to Ancient Greece or Rome. The sole is black.

These classic Roman Sandals are available in three Mens Sizes: Small (8-9), Medium (10-11), and Large (12-13).

Whether you’re heading to a Toga Party or are wearing a Warrior Costume or Gladiator Costume this Halloween, or maybe something else, these Costume Sandals will be exactly what you need for a completely believable and thoroughly enjoyable look.

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