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  •  Milk Cookies Baby Costume Set

Milk And Cookies Toddler Costume Set

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All to be said is yum.


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Milk And Cookies Toddler Costume Set

Do Cookies go with Milk or does Milk go with Cookies? It is better not to think about it too hard this Halloween. The point is they go hand in hand and so should the Costumes.

The Milk and Cookies Toddler Costume Set includes two Costumes, making it a perfectly tasty choice for siblings or friends. One of the costume tunics features a crunchy and sweet looking Chocolate Chip Cookie - their favorite kind, right? The other Costume tunic transforms your little one into a carton of Milk. We are willing to bet that looking at the two is going to leave you craving your favorite snack combination back from when you were young and free of counting calories. Do not you miss the innocent ignorance of youth? Let them enjoy it while they can!

The shirts, jeans, and sneakers worn by the children in the picture do not come with this Costume set. In addition to having in common the fact that they both go together delectably well, the Cookie and Milk costume tunics also both fit most toddlers up to a Size 3T to 4T.

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