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Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario costumes turn you into the video game world's biggest game changer. Halloween is better when you dress up as the Mario Bros. or any other character from the iconic Nintendo game. Wear the clothes of Super Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, Princess Peach, Bowser and many more.

Super Mario Bros. Costumes

Awesome costumes for kids and adults, Nintendo officially licensed products

Super Mario Costumes Never Change

Looking to 1UP your Halloween experience with Super Mario Costumes? Arguably, the most recognizable and widely popular video game character is a certain red clad Italian plumber. And what do people normally think of when they hear the name “Mario”? His costume of course! Everyone remembers his iconic look, his big mustache, his puffy red cap, cartoony gloves, the tail and ears of his famous “tanooki” power-up, and last but not least, his overalls! Mario’s costume has stayed largely the same ever since he stepped into arcades in the 80’s, and for good reason! Mario’s costume is charming and unique; no character outside of Nintendo games has ever been able to replicate his snappy style! Thankfully, Wonder Costumes has a wide variety of costumes of Mario and all his friends. No matter what your age is, you’ll be able to don the disguise of your favorite denizen of the Mushroom Kingdom!

A Full Cast of Mario Bros. Characters

Other than his younger brother Luigi, Mario has another sidekick who’s always ready to fight by his side: Yoshi! For your next costume, you could be Mario’s loveable dinosaur companion! While in the game, his costume is only a red saddle and little red boots, our costumes come with a little more to help you achieve the effect of his green and white skin! No need to paint yourself green! One of the other popular creature costumes from the Mario series are the tiny mushroom people known as “Toadstools” or “Toads” for short. Anyone boasting a Toad costume is going to feel stylish in their blue and golden vest and billowy pants. Both Yoshi and the Toad’s have helped Mario in almost every single one of his games!

The Mushroom Kingdom isn't full of only strange monsters. There are plenty of human (or human-ish) folks living in the happy kingdom! Imagine this: you find out that someone you really don’t like is going to your Halloween party dressed-up as Mario. The perfect solution? Disguise yourself with the costume of Mario’s rival: Wario! This garlic lover glutton’s costume is perfect for anyone who wants to show off both their love of Nintendo and their evil side! Princess Peach, sometimes referred to as Princess Toadstool, is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the target of the turtle terror Bowser’s evil plots. With a Princess Peach costume, you’ll feel like royalty twirling around in that big puffy pink dress. Pairing it with a loved one dressed in the costume of our favorite plumber hero will make you both the hit of any party or cosplay event you go to!

Everyone is Welcomed to Play

Whether you dress as Mario, Yoshi, or the Princess, a costume from the Mario Bros. franchise is sure to be a great choice. Young or old, Mario character costumes remain charming and iconic even 30 years later! Whether you're destroying the Mushroom Kingdom or saving it, join in on the fun and pick up a Mario Bros. costume. Already have the overalls? No problem, Wonder Costumes also has plenty of character accessory packs with items like Mario’s gloves or Princess Peach’s tiara! No matter what you need, Wonder Costumes has got the answer.