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Women's Indian Costumes

Women's Indian Costumes for a Sexy Halloween or Traditional Thanksgiving. Indian Costume Ideas turn you into a Classic Indian Princess or Sexy Native American. Welcome to our wide Women's Indian Costumes selection!

Pocahottie Costume - Adult Indian Costume

Sexy but tasteful Indian Women's Costume

Sexy and playful are two words that adequately describe Women’s Indian Costumes. Although Native American Culture is recognized with respect, the Halloween industry has managed to make it acceptable to dress up as Sexy Indians for the event. However, Halloween is not the only reason why Women’s Indian Costumes are popular, there other important dates that recognize and celebrate American Indians.

American Indian Costumes are not to be confused with Indian garments from the country in South Asia; these Indian Outfits are representative of the Indians in the Western Hemisphere. Christopher Columbus referred to the Western Natives as “Indians” as he stubbornly insisted that he had found a new route to get to India. Luckily for humanity, he discovered a new world instead.

Today, we celebrate Native American culture in many ways. Of course, being in America, you will always be reminded around the Thanksgiving holiday, that the presence of Indians in the new land was crucial to the survival of the Pilgrims. That is why Indian Costumes are in high demand around that time. Every year around November, Indian Costumes go flying off the shelves as they lend themselves to be used for Thanksgiving re-enactments, School Plays and Holiday Conventions.

Women in particular will find many fun alternatives to the Traditional Indian Dress. Although not as serious, Sexy Indian Attire makes the task of dressing up more fun for Ladies that like to wear revealing, Provocative Clothes. The “Chief Hottiebody” or the “Hot on the Trail” Indian Costumes may not be the most appropriate way to represent this important culture but other standard “Indian Maiden” and “Indian Princess” Dresses will allow you to make the best choice when choosing how to celebrate Indian History.