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Adult Indian Costumes

History is very important since it helps us understand who we are and where we come from. It is definitely important to know the past in order to better understand the present. Here is a perplexing fact that is worth mentioning: Native Americans are often called Indians, even though the terminology is not the correct one. In the same way Americans are the people who are born in America; Indians are those born in India. This erroneous use of the word arose centuries ago. In 1492, Christopher Columbus was ready to sail to The Indies looking for gold, spices and other possessions and by mistake this well-known colonizer landed in a different continent far from Asia; he landed in America, more specifically, in the Bahamas Islands. That is the reason why he called the inhabitants of those lands “Indians”, a term that nowadays is widely used to refer to the native inhabitants of the Americas.

Our unique Indian Costumes collection for men and women includes all kinds of outfits that allow you to embrace your heritage and celebrate the history of your country. The various designs and styles of Native American costumes that we offer include historic figures such as Sacajawea, Pocahontas - the infamous Virginia Indian that married an English man- , and many more. You will be surprised by how gorgeous these outfits can be and how nicely they will fit you. Complete your Native American costume with a pair of Indian boots and a feathered headdress!