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Geisha Costumes

Make your entrance as an exotic Japanese Geisha! Browse our array of Geisha Costumes and select the perfect for you. Complete your look with the traditional makeup, a Geisha wig, a parasol and other accessories. Find more Asian Costume options, such as the Mulan Costume or an Asian Ninja Costume for an Asian themed costume group.

Mulan is a story of a young girl with a sick father who is called during a general conscription to counter an evil invader Shan Yu that leads the Hun invasion. The story of Mulan takes place in China during the Han Dynasty. As soon as the brave and beautiful Mulan finds out that her sick father is being drafted she fakes her identity cuts her hair and dresses like a man and takes his place instead without the knowledge of her mother and father. Mulan also takes the horse and in the morning when her father is getting ready about to leave he goes to the den where the horse sleeps and also finds his sword and armor missing, coming to the conclusion that his daughter took his place. Mulan is an American animated musical film that came out in 1998 and was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Mulan grossed three hundred and four million dollars and earned a Golden Globe, Academy Awards and Annie Awards.

The story follows the invasion of China which forces the Chinese Emperor to command a general mobilization so that they fight back. Mulan is helped by a small dragon called Mushu and Li Shang a lucky cricket. While in the army Mulan is taught how to fight and is made fun of often at first by her slow moves. Later Mulan falls in love with Li Shang. After she is discovered by Shan Yu she is forced to be left at a mountain, she later helps them enter the palace to defeat Shan Yu’s army of men. Mulan and Li Shang meet again at the end when he visits to return her helmet. Mulan was a true warrior with a strong heart and she risked her life for her beloved father. Mulan is often associated with a Geisha due to the Asian heritage background of the movie.

You may have searched around for and Asian Costumes but we have what you want from makeup to wigs, parasols, shoes, in all sizes! This will be your best Halloween! Make your entrance as an exotic Japanese Geisha!