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Buccaneer Costumes

Buccaneer was a term given to a type of pirate who preyed on Spanish colonies and ships in America and the Caribbean in the late 1600's - 1700's. The word is derived from the French word boucan, a type of smoked meat made by hunters on Hispaniola and Tortuga islands. The meat was made of wild pigs and cattle found there. These rough and tough men initially sold meats to passing ships but soon realized there was more money to be made with piracy. Strong, ready to scuffle and excellent with a rifle, they used brute force to overtake ships, stealing their treasures and then watching the boats sink to the bottom of the sea. These were very bad guys to say the least.

So you want to look like a real life Buccaneer this Halloween? You will find a number of costumes that will suit your style and budget. There are costumes for everyone, adults, teen, kids as well as your pets! Adult men, try the Buccaneer Adult Costume for a polished look. A great costume accessory for this style choice is the Pirate Adult Wig with Mustache and Chin Patch. For ladies, the Buccaneer Beauty Adult Pirate Costume is a fantastic ensemble. Be sure to pick up the lovely and affordable Buccaneer Adult Pirate Hat or the ever trendy and very unique Black Mini Buccaneer Pirate Hat (so cute!).

With so many awesome pirate costumes to choose from, you will certainly find the one just right for you.