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  •  Mens Biblical Moses Shepherd Costume

Biblical Moses Shepherd Mens Costume

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He split the seas.


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Biblical Moses Shepherd Mens Costume

Wear a Biblical Moses And Shepherd Man Costume at your next Religious Play or Event. One of the most treasured Biblical Stories of all times teaches humanity a lesson in Faith. The story of Moses is Captured in the world's major religions and he is regarded as a faithful leader in all. He defied the Pharaoh and led his people to freedom after telling him -- immortalizing the words -- "let my people go." Thousands of years later, Moses is still a talked about influential figure in religion.

So, just how popular is Moses? Movies have been made about him, his story gave birth to religious holidays, his name is known world wide by people of all creeds. It's no wonder that a man of such importance also has a Costume made after him. The Biblical Moses And Shepherd Man Costume consists of a Shepherd Tunic, A robe and a Belt. These items make it a perfect Shepherd Costume as well -- for religious plays and recitals. Available in Men's sizes Large/XL(42-46).

The Biblical Moses Shepherd Mens Costume does not come with with Sandals, Wig and Staff.

Brand: California Costumes

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