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Shepherd Costumes

Shepherd is the name given to people whose job to take care of flocks of sheep. Some of the shepherd’s duties include feeding, herding and leading sheep to shelter where they have a higher chance of a healthy survival. This if a job that has existed for thousands of years as sheep became increasingly important to humanity for their resources which include wool, meat and milk.

The classic outfit of a shepherd consists of a long robe and a headdress that were most likely used to protect from the sun. Shepherds also carried a long cane-type stick known as a crook. The purpose of this tool was to assist the shepherd in many ways; the most popular use was to help the herder when hiking difficult terrains but it also served as a weapon to defend against predators. The hook end resembling a cane was to assist in the event that a sheep tipped over. You will find the most original shepherd costumes including the shepherds crook in this selection. These shepherd costumes make great wardrobe for you next school or church play.

Traditionally, the shepherd profession is strongly associated with Christian symbolism. Many important biblical stories involve a character that was a shepherd; Abraham and Moses were shepherds and they symbolically led their people to a better place just as a shepherd does his sheep. The more popular biblical association is the reference to Jesus as a shepherd. This analogy properly corresponds to the idea that Jesus’ role was to lead humanity to Salvation. This is a re-occurring theme in the bible and consequently the shepherd is still recognized as an important part of Christianity.