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Wrestler Costumes

Sumo wrestling is a great costume choice for Halloween! Become the legendary Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle or Rey Mysterio with one of these Wrestler Costumes and have too much fun.

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Wrestling dates back to Greco-Roman times when warfare combat was defined by more than weapons. In those times all warriors were required to have strong fighting skills to be able to take down opponents on the battlefield in more than one or two ways. Wrestling then became a popular Olympic sport as it gathered popularity because of the artistic and tactical nature of the fighting style. Although the original sport is still practiced in a smaller scale, the modern concept of wrestling has significantly changed from those days.

Today wrestling is automatically associated with the WWF or NWO franchises. These organizations have turned what was once a legitimate fighting sport into a mockery full of costumes, eccentric personalities and theatrical phony fighting that engages fans as a form of entertainment rather than a classic skilled sport. Nonetheless, this form of wrestling has made heroes out of some of the most prominent and most charismatic figures in the sport. Some of the most celebrated figures are known for wearing distinctive colorful clothes and saying the most popular catchphrases.

There are also other types of wrestling that are still popular today, Sumo wrestling is one for example. This type of Wrestling originated in Japan and is has its roots in the Shinto religion. Although the sport has several weight classes, Sumo wrestlers are usually known for being overweight as the sport requires the wrestler to be able to push his opponent out of a circular ring.

Dress up as a wrestler with one of these hilarious Wrestler Costumes. Become the legendary Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Sting or Jeff Hardy. You can also have tons of fun with an oversize Sumo Wrestler Costume that will guarantee you will not be missed.