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Warcraft Costumes

World of Warcraft costumes have taken over Halloween just as it conquered the MMORPG world with an epic game and the big screen with a film for the ages. You don't have to be a gamer to be a fan of World of Warcraft. Browse our collection and dress up in your favorite Warcraft costumes for Halloween or cosplay events.

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Costumes for Warcraft Fans

Why are World of Warcraft Costumes such a craze? World Of Warcraft has been one of the most popular MMO’s since it released in 2004, and it’s popularity has recently been bolstered by the release of the new Warcraft film, directed by Duncan Jones. As a result, there has also been a resurgence of World of Warcraft costumes. World of Warcraft's characters have always been recognizable by their flashy armor and cartoony designs; it only makes sense that they would make for great costumes. Wonder Costumes has plenty of World of Warcraft costumes that let you become your favorite war chief or valiant knight. From elf to Orc, Wonder costumes has it!

See Our Official Warcraft Movie Costumes

Considering its recent successful release, costumes based on the Warcraft film will be the most popular. In the Warcraft film, we see the updated designs and costumes for classic figures in Azeroth’s lore. Whether you're a child or an adult, you can take up the mighty sword of the “Lion of Azeroth,” Anduin Lothar. Lothar is instantly recognizable with his chainmail and plate costume, which received a much sleeker treatment in the film than it did in the video games and comics. The true piece that ties any good Lothar costume together is his fierce shield, complete with the emblem of Stormwind: a majestic lion, on the front. If you’re more of the kingly sort, don the white shining armor or King Llane Wrynn, leader of Stormwind. King Llane’s elegant costume boasts the blue and white of Stormwinds flag.

Across the gates of Stormwind, we can find some costumes that are a little more beastly, but just as good hearted as Llane and Lothar. Take up the Axe of Durotan with a costume complete with the rippling muscles and tribal armor that make this chief of the Frostwolf clan so imposing. If a giant hammer is more suited to you, don the costume of Orgrim Doomhammer, Durotan’s friend and Warchief during the first and second war. Whether you need a full costume, or just a mask to bring out the orc in you, Wonder costumes has you covered with high quality muscled costumes and latex masks.

Our Masks are True to the Game

Wonder Costumes also has a selection of World of Warcraft latex masks. Some fantasy races are simply too hard to pull off with make-up! However, with masks, your costuming and cosplay dreams can come true. If you’ve been a fan of World of Warcraft for long enough, you’ll recognize the mohawk wearing Night Elf that represented Mr.T in the old advertisements. With this Night Elf mohawk latex mask you can wear a World of Warcraft and a Mr.T costume at the same time! What could be better? If you’re looking for something a little more vanilla, you can also disguise yourself with the latex visages of an Orc or Undead, which leaves you all the creativity of devising the rest of the costume. If you like doing your own makeup, our World of Warcraft Night Elf prosthetic kit is perfect for you.

MMO in Real Life

With the recent popularity of the Warcraft film, World of Warcraft costumes are no longer bound to the niche world of cosplaying at Blizzcon! The Warcraft franchise has made MMOs popular beyond the virtual realm. Perfect for any party or convention, our selection of World of Warcraft costumes are for any fan of the franchise. Remember, whether you're a beastly Orc for the Horde or a sleek Night Elf for the Alliance, you are all heroes of Azeroth!