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Vampire Adult Costumes

    •  Vampire Teeth

      Vampire Teeth

      $ 2.02
    • $21.85

Our Vampire Costumes will allow you to become a blood-thirsty, undead creature this year. Rule the night this Halloween as you search for prey. Feed off the blood of innocents and become a monster that is both feared and fantasized about. Enthrall your friends at this year’s parties with your charm and charisma right before you devour them!

Wonder Costumes would like to make it clear that our Vampire Costumes do not actually give you the powers of these undead monstrosities. You will not have superhuman strength and you cannot change into a wolf, bat, or mist. We would also like to state that we do not endorse or condone biting your friends this Halloween. Vampire Costumes will also not grant you the ability to fly.