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Uncle Sam Costumes

I want you...to check out our awesome selection of Uncle Sam Costumes and Patriotic Costumes this 4th of July! A beloved symbol of American Pride, it has long been accepted that the name was inspired by a meat-packer from New York by the name of Samuel Wilson, who supplied meat and rations to Civil War soldiers. At the time, contractors were required to label and stamp packages with their names, location, and where the rations originated from. Wilson's packages were labeled "E.A. - U.S." When an employee asked what it stood for, a coworker jokingly replied "Elbert Anderson and Uncle Sam", referring to Sam Wilson, though it actually stood for the United States.

A casual joke would later evolve into one of America's favorite patriotic symbols! The characterized image of Uncle Sam was not displayed publicly for the first time until the iconic World War I propaganda and recruitment posters came about, and thus from then on Uncle Sam has been a personification of the U.S. government and a mascot for American Patriotism.

If you're taking part in a 4th of July parade or carnival, a Parade Uncle Sam Adult Costume will delight your audience enough to get them singing along to the tune of Yankee Doodle! For a more casual approach, an Uncle Sam Adult Costume finished off with an Uncle Sam Facial Fur Kit, Uncle Sam Adult Top Hat, and White Gloves will be a hit with the little ones as you tell them stories about America's greatest heroes! Browse our collection of Uncle Sam Costumes and Patriotic Costumes for more 4th of July Costume Ideas!