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  • Tinker Bell Costumes
    Tinker Bell Costumes

Tinker Bell Costumes

Tinker Bell is the symbol of the “Magic of Disney” that has delighted the world for years. There is no need for magical pixie dust for you to accomplish her magical look, you can simply dress in a fashionable Tinkerbell Costume!

Tinker Bell Fairy Rescue

Take a look at this splendid Tinker Bell Fairy.

One of the most popular of all Disney characters, this spunky, rebellious, impatient, determined, and temperamental fairy has warmed her way into the hearts of kids and adults worldwide. Whether it is the original Tinker Bell Costume from the 1953 Walt Disney’s animated “Peter Pan” movie, or perhaps a more modern dress, such as the one she wears in her latest movie “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure,” we have both styles plus all the other designs in between that you are looking for!

From her introduction to Disney audiences, this little fairy was so well-liked that eventually she was the protagonist in her own movies. These films are: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue and Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, which in turn, introduced new Disney fairies. Costumes of these characters from Pixie Hollow can be found here at Wonder Costumes.

Officially-licensed Disney Tinker Bell merchandise is great for toddlers, girls, and women of all ages. Baby Tinker Bell Costumes are one of the most adorable, sparkly visions you’ll ever see. Girls and teens will show off their natural magical personalities with light green wings and tutus. You can have so much fun choosing from metallic sparkly fabrics, lace-up front bodices embellished with lime green sequins, fluorescent green dresses with sheer puff sleeves, jagged-edge leaf trims, adjustable-length shimmering petal petticoats with sprinkled-silver-accented tulle overlays; pixie-dust-dispensing wands, transparent wings, toe-puff shoes and matching tights. As for women, these Disney Fairy Costumes for women will look great for this year’s Halloween parties so you too can celebrate the magic by dressing up as one of Disney’s most iconic characters.

Tinker Bell Costumes are popular all year round, for birthday parties, event celebrations and Halloween parties. Get ready to experience the light and airy atmosphere these Tinker Bell Costumes can create. Shine your own unique spark of light and leave a trail of happiness while dressed as Tinker Bell!