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Sultan Costumes

Sultan Costumes - Feel like the ruler of a desert kingdom! Arabian Sheik and Sultan Costumes will have you looking like you stepped off the set of "Lawrence of Arabia". In numerous parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa, a Sheik is, traditionally, an honorific title for an elder patriarch or tribal leader. Frequently donning robes sewn from a thick, but cool, linen fabric and a "Keffiyeh" headdress adorned with a headband, the tribal Sheiks authority and social status was obvious in their choice of garments.

A Sultan was generally the ruler of an Arab kingdom, with the same social standing as that of a European King, and the term became widely popularized by the classic storybook collection "The Arabian Nights" or "1001 Nights", where the recognizable tale of Aladdin and the Genie's lamp is derived from. Sultans frequently dressed in a more luxurious manner, surrounding themselves with fine silks and precious gems.

Pair off a Sultan Classic Adult Costume with a Dreamy Genie or Harem's Jewel Adult Costume for a Couples Costume that will bring the time-honored tale to life! Surround yourself with bellydancers and a golden Genie lamp for an outrageous and entertaining international costume!