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  •  Steampunk Gunslinger Costume Kit

Steampunk Gunslinger Costume Kit

Product #: WC40954

The 'Wild West' could use a dose of Steampunk!


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Steampunk Gunslinger Costume Kit

Forget playing Cowboys & Indians - Cowboys & Aliens will be more of your game when you make use of this Steampunk Gunslinger Costume Kit! The literature of the Steampunk genre brought us visions of a 19th-century, post-apocalyptic past that never came to be...tales of steam-powered airship battles, vintage computers, mechanical time-travel machines, and alien invasions! Inspired by the writings of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Mary Shelley, Steampunk fashion is an eccentric blend of Victoria-era garb and steam-powered mechanics. Some fans go as far as creating their own mechanical accessories and wearing these outfits on a regular basis!

This Gunslinger costume kit is a blend of two of the best literary and film genres of all time - Science Fiction and Western! "Wow" your friends at your next costume party or Cosplay convention when you put on the guise of a gun-totting, smooth-talking, tech-savvy Steampunk Gunslinger! We have you covered with the basics - add your own shirt, pants, and holster belt to complete the look!

This Costume Kit includes: 1 Brown felt Derby Hat, 1 Non-functional deluxe pocket-watch and 1 pair of black faux suede boot staps with gold button detail, and 1 Steampunk revolver Note: Kit does not include Shirt, Pants, Holster Belt, Goggles, Facial Hair, or Shoes.

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