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  • Spanish Costumes
    Spanish Costumes

Spanish Costumes

Sumptuous Costumes from our collection of Spanish Costumes, find classic outfits such as a Matador Costume, Spanish Dancer and Bandido Costume in all sizes and for all occasions, including Halloween. Enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options.

Summon the romantic fiery spirit of flamenco and Spanish flavor with these sumptuous Spanish costumes. Wonder Costumes offers attractive traditional Spanish attire such as the Spicy Senorita and the Flama Girls Costume. Hear the guitar playing yet? Give your Spanish Costumes an authentic typical flavor. Olé!

The Art of Flamenco Dancing originated from the genre of Folk (Gypsy) Music from Spain that goes by the same name. Flamenco music is known for its intricate composition despite the limited instrumental accompaniment. The music usually consists of rhythmic guitar riffs carried over fast paced hand claps and castanets. The performers will often sing passionately about love and other emotive life experiences that identify with their audiences to the point where they get involved. That is where the dancing and elaborate Flamenco Costumes come into play. Flamenco Dresses, like many other Performance Dance Outfits, are designed to accentuate the rapid movement of the hips and shoulders with ruffles that bounce around, and move along with the dancer to the rhythm of the music. Although the color schemes for Flamenco Ensembles are typically red, black and yellow, there some alternate colors available. The Spanish Dancer Toddler/Girls Costume that comes in a full pink color, but stays true to the flowy design of Flamenco Dress Skirts. Flamenco Hair Dressing and Accessories are just as important because the intention is to add beauty and romance to the Dancer’s overall look. The Matador Hair Flower or the Red Rose Spanish Dancer Headpiece will make for a stunning Spanish Beauty. The Senorita Women’s Wig or the Black Spanish Women’s Wig will even save you the trouble of styling your hair like a Flamenco Dancer.

Put together a traditional Spanish Women’s Ensemble with products from this selection. Although a beautiful Spanish Lady Costume or a Senorita Dress can be enough, there is never enough Accessorizing when you have Spanish Maracas, Head Pieces and Wigs for a traditional Spaniard Dancer Costume.