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Snow White Costumes

The Snow White Costume can be magical when paired up with other Characters from the fairytale. This Disney Princess became a dominant character among Disney Favorites. Check our selection of Snow White Costumes and select the best for you. A beautifully designed dress collection for the princess in you!


This Costume is the

So who is “Fairest of them all”? It could be you! Next Halloween, wear an official Snow White Costume and there will be no doubt about it. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a Fairy Tale that was passed down orally from generation to generation before finally being written by the Brothers Grimm. The Story also goes on record for becoming the first animated Disney feature film and immediately earned the status of Disney Classic. Now, with the release of films such as “Mirror Mirror” and “Snow White and the Huntsman”, the first of the Disney Princesses is becoming a dominant character among Disney Favorites.

Let Snow White’s beauty be passed on to you through a Gorgeous Princess Dress. There are many varieties of Snow White Costumes; some stick to the Classic look and others are a bit of skin exposed. If the Original Snow White seems a bit reserved to you, try a sexy Snow White Costume. Experiment with other Snow White characters and Dress up as the Wicked Stepmother to made Snow White her victim. Regardless of your age, the right Costume is waiting for you in this huge selection of Snow White Disney Costumes for young Girls and Adult Women. Proudly become an adored Classic Disney Princess.

The Snow White Costume can be magical when paired up with other Characters from the story. Make it a Couples’ Costume along side Prince Charming or coordinate with someone who does not mind being one of the Dwarfs. Enjoys a Magical, Disney Style Halloween.