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Smurf Costumes

The Smurfs became a hit comic series in the 60s after their creation in 1958 by a Comic Artist from Belgium nicknamed “Peyo”. The cartoon immediately took off as the classic tale of a village of blue skinned gnomes that worked together toward improving their small and fragile society. The Smurfs’ morals showed examples of teamwork and hard work that reflected in their unity and protection of their village.

Since the 1960s Children worldwide have become familiar with the Smurfs’ adventures. These adorable characters captured fans by displaying examples of courage and kindness that made them so loveable. Although the Smurfs looked very similar to one another and acted in synchronization with one another, they managed to demonstrate individuality as they each had unique personality traits. Some of their names actually expressed their dominant personality traits in a similar fashion to that of Snow White’s seven Dwarfs (Brainy, Greedy, Clumsy, Slouchy, Snappy, etc.).

You will be pleased to find that you can bring these little characters to life by dressing up as some of the most popular Smurfs in the story. You can find Smurfette, the most popular female Smurf or Papa Smurf, the village wise old man who the Smurfs go to for guidance; he is like a father for the village. Kids will love to dress up as the Smurfs, not just for Halloween or a costume party but the costumes also make a great playtime favorite. The will love playing the role of a Smurf and you will love watching them live out childhood fantasies.