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Sesame Street Costumes

Puppets have a long history of serving as great tools to educate, inspire creativity and entertain; they were actually used as very ancient forms of theater. Today puppets still serve all these roles and Sesame Street has managed to incorporate all of them in an award-winning television series aimed at teaching children important values, life lessons and academic subjects. The most important accomplishment of this show is that it actually engages its audience through the use of charming characters with distinct personalities that actually interact with the children watching. Some of the most Popular characters on this show are Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, The Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and of course, the lovable Elmo.

Puppets such as Sesame Street characters are able to capture children’s attention and imagination; as a matter of fact, one of the most common uses for puppets today is for interaction with children during play therapy. It is not surprising because puppets help children communicate without the inhibitions that naturally come from interaction with adults. Besides being great for parties or Halloween, these Sesame Street costumes can be very valuable as learning tools for children or even just as a play item that can help children use their creativity to their full potential.

The special thing about Sesame Street is that these characters are cherished by children who watch the show worldwide. One of the best examples of this is Elmo who became a favorite because of his loving personality and uniquely adorable voice. Your little ones would love to play as one of their favorite characters and even adults can have a blast pretending to be one of these furry characters for Halloween.