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Scarecrow Costumes

The scarecrow (also known as a hay man) is a simple sort of dummy that was intended to serve only one self-explanatory purpose: to scare crows. These lifeless dolls have a very important role in farming because they prevent crows and other birds from flocking fields and destroying the crops. Their bodies consist of a simple T shaped cross dressed up in human clothes and stuffed with hay to make birds believe that there are people out on the fields at all times.

The scarecrow was only intended to scare birds but books and movies have transformed these lifeless dolls into all types of personalities. The Wizard of Oz was one of the best examples showing how a simple scarecrow longed to have a brain and be just as intelligent as a human. This story portrayed the scarecrow as a kind and friendly guy but not so bright. Another popular appearance of the scarecrow as an iconic character is the Super Villain known as the Scarecrow (aka the Straw Man) in Batman. This character was an evil villain who appeared in the form of nightmares that would drive his victims insane. The creepy features of the scarecrow make it ideal as a scary Halloween costume.

No matter what type of scarecrow you want to portray you have the option to choose. Become the Wizard of Oz’s gentle soul or Batman’s nightmare of a villain. There are even alternatives such as the zombie scarecrow, the death-crow and even the ladies’ sexy scarecrow.