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Santa Suit Costumes

Browse this assortment of classic red and white Santa Suits with black boots and belt, hat and that imperative long and fluffy white beard: find them in velvet, as deluxe, and in plush quality. For the ladies: Mrs. Claus and Santa baby outfits are also available. The Christmas Eve gift bearer for all good children, Santa Claus is a favorite costume especially during the holiday times, but also for other special times throughout the year.

When December rolls around, the children of the world begin to question whether they've been put on the naughty list. They reflect on the past year and determine whether or not being rude to a sibling could have made Santa bitter towards them. For those who celebrate Christmas, Santa Claus is an important part. This ancient tradition dates back to the 18th century and is still popular in modern Western culture. Motivated to do what's right, kids anxiously await the presents under the tree that Santa has brought for them. In return, families leave cookies and milk for the lovable individual to devour.

A sleigh pulled by reindeers transports this joyous fellow. In stories and movies, Santa Claus is depicted as a vibrant, plump, bearded man wearing a red suit. The famous character has inspired many costumes. This recognizable attire can be found in velvet, as deluxe, and in plush quality. The splendid assortment of charismatic Santa Suits all includes the same parts. The upbeat red suit is trimmed with white wool across the belly and wraps around the waist and wrists. The pants, also red, are trimmed with the same wool around the ankles. A similar red hat accentuates the look. Adding the finishing touch to any Santa out there are the black boots, black belt, and adorable beard. The Santa Suit Costume category has selections such as: Santa Suit Velvet Costume Deluxe and even a Mrs. Santa Suit Velvet Adult Costume.

As the holidays approach, Santa leaves his workshop as the elves aid in finalizing all the toys and travels around the world. You can find him in malls around the country, in plays, schools, and even in your house. The Christmas Eve gift bearer has "ho ho ho-ed" his way into everyone's heart. Even though he is portrayed as living in the North Pole, this kind soul sure has a warm heart.