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Rag Doll Costumes

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Rag Dolls will probably go down in history as one of the most popular children’s toys to ever exist. The simplicity of the doll allows for a timeless classic toy that will never become irrelevant. The doll consists of a stuffed piece of clothing sewn together in the shape of a body and finished with stitching outlining the facial features and hair. These dolls also make for a simple but classic costume. Dress up as a rag doll in these beautiful costumes and you will be a classic sweetheart this Halloween. In the costume world there are several variations to choose from, such as the classic Rag Doll look, the Gothic Rag Doll Costume or the scary and grotesque Rag Doll Costume, the Zombie Rag Doll and of course, the famous Raggedy Ann costume.

Johnny Gruelle gave life to the classic toy in 1915 through Raggedy Ann, the adventures of a rag doll on a mission to always do what is right and teach others to be like her. The name of the character came about from a blend two poems that Gruelle had in his book collection: “The Raggedy man” and “Little Orphan Annie”. The doll was originally created for his daughter but later took the character further by creating stories about the doll. Gruelle passed in 1938 but his legacy lives on until this day through his magical stories.

Dress up with a Raggedy Ann outfit or a Raggedy Andy Costume for kids and adults for Halloween or any other special occasion and see what adventures you will encounter. If you have a baby doll of your own, these Rag Doll Costumes will only accentuate her cuteness and innocence.