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  •  Queen Ravenna Disney Womens Costume

Queen Ravenna Disney Women's Costume

Product #: WC36205

The mirror won’t dare tell you anyone’s fairer.


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Queen Ravenna Disney Women's Costume

If you were wearing this beautiful Disney Costume from Snow White and the Hunstsman, wouldn’t you stare into the mirror for countless hours, too?

Queen Ravenna Disney Women's Costume includes a stunning long black gown with shimmering and textured detail all over. Elegant off-the-shoulder pouf sleeves make way to draping sheer sleeves that flare all the way down to the floor. 3D molded skulls adorn the pin-straight neckline and go down the front of the bodice—sophisticated style with a spooky spark! A swirling black over silver pattern on the front of the bodice acts as a memory of a pretty dream in this hauntingly seductive nightmare. The tips of the included silver crown are dangerous peaks that look like daggers.

Wig and shoes must be purchased separately. This Halloween Costume can be ordered in women’s sizes Small (6-10), Medium (10-14), and Large (14-16).

Asking who’s the fairest of them all was always just a rhetorical question, wasn’t it?

Brand: Rubies Costumes

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