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Queen of Hearts Costumes

Off with her head! Remember the obnoxious and eccentric Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland Adventures? This feisty, short tempered character was known for issuing harsh punishments for the mildest offenses committed in Wonderland. Although she was arrogant and unforgiving, she provided a lot of the comedic relief in the story due to the way she carried herself and how she ruled her servants. There are plenty of people on Halloween night every year that want to dress up as Alice or the Mad Hatter. Set yourself aside from the crowd and be the opposing force in the story.

The character appearance of the Queen of Hearts is believed to be based off a portrait of Queen Elizabeth de Mowbray who was a Duchess of Norfolk, other character traits are believed to have been influenced by Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Queen Margaret of England. The actual character spawned from a combination of all these real life history figures and a twist of Lewis Carroll’s imagination. The blend of influences resulted in a character that has been quite fun to portray in modern adaptations of the story. Disney’s cartoon movie version of the title portrayed the character as a more extreme version of the original; she was more easily irritable and did not tolerate the slightest sign of opposition. In Tim Burton’s combination live action/cg animation rendition of the story, he portrayed the queen in a similar fashion as Disney but added a sense of insecurity due to the character having an extremely oversized head. This trait made her even more irritable than the prior portrayals.

Give the Queen of hearts a chance this Halloween; you will have loads of fun playing the eccentric queen. If you are looking for a playing card theme you will find many options not directly related to the queen of hearts from the story that will fit right into your theme.