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Puppet Costumes

Remember the Muppets? Jim Henson created these lovable characters in 1955 and popularized the franchise through T.V. shows, movies and cartoons. This gave rise to a trend of that was later explored by the entertainment and educational industry; thanks to Henson’s Muppets other children’s learning shows such as Sesame Street (which Henson had a role in creating) and Lamb Chops became a huge success.

Although puppets became a mainstream success in the last 60 years, there were puppet and marionette based characters that existed for over a century. Almost everybody knows the tale of Pinocchio, the Italian marionette who wished to become a real boy. Pinocchio is cherished worldwide by children as well as adults who grew up knowing the story. Disney enhanced the character’s popularity by creating his own adaptation of the story in an animated movie that is now that most popular point of reference to the character.

You can bring one of these lovable puppets to life by becoming one yourself. These puppet costumes are great for Halloween but they also add a sense of magic to children’s playtime. They are not only fun but they are also very efficient in helping children learn and memorize lessons; there is a good reason why so many educational programs utilize puppets and marionettes as tools for child development.

If you don’t have children, don’t worry, you can find more adult oriented Puppet Costumes as well. Remember Jigsaw from the Saw movie collection? That is one creepy Puppet Costume that will scare the night on Halloween.