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Prisoner Costumes

You do the crime you do the time! You never would have thought that becoming a prisoner would be so fun (only on Halloween). There are some many ways to have fun with this costume. When choosing a Halloween costume you have so many options; you can dress up as a saint or a devil or be the good or the bad guy. When you choose to be the prisoner you are surely going to turn heads.

The most typical prisoner is presented in a black and white striped outfit and probably in cuffs or a ball and chain. This is actually a classic look that prisoners used to wear in the 19th and early 20th century. The idea behind the black and white stripes was that in case a prisoner would attempt to flee it would be much easier to spot him if he were wearing an easily visible pattern. The modern prison system uses bright orange or neon green colors to serve the same purpose. Some prisons still use the classic striped patterns with the intention of making the prisoners feel more ashamed about their crimes since the striped outfits have acquired such a negative stigma through history.

The good thing is that you don’t have to go to jail if you want to get a hold of any of these types of prison outfits. You can easily acquire the striped or the bright orange prisoner uniforms for your husband, wife, baby, toddler and even a Convict Costume for your dog. Accessorize it with a nice pair of handcuffs or a ball and chain and you will be set for prison. Get creative and couple up with a friend in a Police man uniform; you never thought the two would make such a great pairing.