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Popeye Costumes

Make sure you eat your spinach before putting on your Popeye costume this Halloween. Popeye the Sailor man has been a classic favorite comic since 1929, which makes the Popeye character costumes very special. Remember your childhood days when watching Saturday morning cartoons included at least half an hour of this hilarious eccentric character. Now you and your family and friends can dress up as the most popular cast of characters. Who would have thought that spinach could become so popular among kids?

Who wants to be Popeye? The brave sailor who overcame physical strength challenges thanks to his trusty spinach. The main and one of the many eccentric characters in this classic comic, you can now look just like him, oversize forearms and all. Then there’s Olive Oyl, the owner of Popeye’s heart, often caught in a love battle between Popeye and the aggressive bully that is Bluto, a fellow sailor but a nemesis of Popeye who often initiated physical altercations with him. These quarrels often ended up with Olive in the middle of a tug-o-war (literally) between Popeye and Bluto. Then you have Popeye’s Old friend Wimpy, who although very smart, he was known for being cowardly lazy and addicted to hamburgers; he would “gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today”.