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Poodle Costumes

Mini Poodle Skirt Adult Costume

Vibrant Colored Poodle Skirt

Step back in time to a bygone era when Elvis was King and life was just so much simpler...revel in your love for 1950's Americana with a bell-shaped Poodle Skirt Dress and Saddle Shoes! Get ready for that Sock-Hop Party with a Nifty 50s Adult Costume. Or Throw on a Poodle Skirt Adult Costume paired with a silk kerchief and patent flats and get ready to jitterbug the night away to the tunes of Chuck Berry, Jackie Wilson, and The Coasters!

Dress your little cutie up in a 50s Sweetheart Kids Costume and whip up some milkshakes and diner-style fries before you head on over to that drive-in movie theater for an evening that'll feel more like a blast from the past! The 1950's were marked as being a period of immense economic, political, technological, and social growth and diversity - it was also a time for voluptuous beauties like Marilyn Monroe and dreamy rock 'n' rollers like Elvis Presley to make their mark on the world as sex symbols - and so came the birth of pop-culture media. Hit-television shows like I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners were responsible for what came to be known as America's "Golden Age of Television". It's no wonder then, that the 1950's came to symbolize America's "adolescence."

Pair a charming Poodle Skirt Dress with a Leather Jacket and Blue Jeans get-up for a nifty Couples' Costume! And check out our 1950's theme pages for more high-quality costumes and accessories. Don't forget your jukebox money!