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Pimp Costumes

Poke fun at one of the most notorious professions of this day. Pimps are often portrayed as extremely flashy characters, known for wearing extravagant suits, shirts and hats in vibrant colors that are of often hard on the eye. They stereotypically wear big platform shoes with heels and can be just as flashy and bright as the suits themselves.

You can find examples of these flashy characters in movies, T.V. shows, plays and who knows, you might even see them in real life if you drive down the wrong road somewhere. Even then, one of the most popular times when you will see examples of a Pimp is Halloween. It is a funny sight once a year when almost nothing is taken too seriously and the only goal is to shock and have fun. It is no wonder why Pimp has become such a popular costume in the recent years.

Despite the social stigma of this "career choice", every year thousands of people decide to have fun with the Pimp look for Halloween. You can guarantee that you will dress up as the most outrageous fancy man on your block. Find it all, from the neon colored suits, the classic accessory Pimp Cane, the questionable gold-plated jewelry and even phony money to flash around the party. This hilarious costume has transcended popularity among humans and it is even available for dogs. These novelty costumes are not just limited to Halloween fun, use them as a stage prop for a play or movie or simply wear it for fun among friends at a party.Find pimpette costumes, pimp hats, pimp shoes, big daddy cane & pimpette costume accessories for adults.