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Pilot Costumes

    •  Pilot Men Costume

      Pilot Men Costume

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You don’t need to be a superhero to fly! That is why the selection of Pilot costumes has become such a great hit for all types of events. While Halloween and costume parties usually inspire most people to portray their favorite fictional characters in real life, these real life heroes inspire beyond fiction.

For most part of human existence man could only dream of being able to fly; Leonardo Da Vinci among other engineering geniuses spent many years of their lives studying the anatomy of birds and trying to replicate it with man made machines. It wasn’t until December 17, 1903 that the Wright Brothers became the world’s first successful airplane Pilots and the rest is history. From that point on the Pilot profession became one of the most coveted careers in the world to dreamers who could suddenly turn their fantasy into a reality.

Today tribute is paid to this exciting career for inspiring future generations and in many ways, becoming real life flying heroes. There are many examples of these heroes ranging from Military Pilots who fight for freedom and commercial Aviation Pilots who fly through tough conditions and maneuver through dangerous situations. You will be able to find costumes and accessories for different types of pilots including Air force, Airline and even Movie Pilots from Star Wars and Top Gun. Celebrate the history of the profession with retro styles from the 1940s and complement the theme with related Flight Attendant Costumes and other Professional Costumes. Whether dressing up you child for career day in school or attending your next Halloween party, you will have some of the most legitimate styles of pilot costumes.