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Pac-man Costumes

Do you remember Pac-Man? Thirty-three years ago it took the world by storm. Thirty-one years ago there was a Ms. Pac-Man spin-off. This Classic 80’s Costume will be so much fun to wear. You can pick from the officially-licensed Pac-Man Adult colorful, hungry ghosts that Pac-Man dodges unless it has eaten Power Pellets, red Blinky (Shadow), pink Pinky (Speedy), blue (or cyan) Inky (Bashful) or orange Clyde (Pokey) in screen-printed character mini dresses for her. There is also the unisex pullover tunic which can be worn with or without the head covered with matching gloves. These tunics are also available in kid’s sizes.

Another fun unisex design is Pac-Man Adult or Kids Costume Deluxe featuring a 3D yellow character bodysuit that can be worn with or without the head covered, orange gloves and red boot covers. (This costume may require stuffing to achieve full look).

Yet another style for him or her is the Pac-Man Video Game Adult Costume including a black and brightly-colored video game screen Pac-Man graphic print suit that will make you look like a relic, cabinet-design, arcade game. The same design is available in a black, tank dress with Pac-Man graphic print. A brand-new Pac-Man design for 2013 is a yellow jumpsuit with foam tummy and shoe covers.

Be original and dress up as a character from this classic video game. Many people will remember and seek you out for conversation about how many hours they spent playing, trying to beat Pac-Man, improving their Highest Scores and spending quarters at the arcade. Bring this fun video game concept back from the past and wear it at your next event or Halloween party.