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Nymph Costumes

A nymph is a spirit of nature visualized as a beautiful young woman in charge of the creation and maintenance of landscapes and natural features including rivers, mountains, forests, etc, as well as animals. If you are into Greek mythology, you may know that there are five types of nymphs: land nymphs, water nymphs, celestial nymphs, underworld nymphs and plant nymphs. If you get confused differentiating a nymph from a fairy, the big difference is in their size; nymphs are human-sized while fairies are tiny creatures. Despite this significant distinction, most people still have a hard time distinguishing a nymph from a fairy, but what is important is that they both are beautiful mythical creatures.

At the moment, fairies are more popular than nymphs in great part because of Tinkerbell, the fairy that appears in the movie Peter Pan. This eminent animated character has made fairies become a popular costume choice. Nonetheless, for women that do not like to follow trends but rather consider themselves as trendsetters, there are authentic outfits for you too! Wear the Midnight Fairy Costume and you will see how everyone will notice your elegant and original outfit. If you love nature and appreciate the beauty of it, wear a nice Nymph Costume. You will find beautiful dresses in different colors and styles. If you want to represent nature, check out the Green Nymph Adult Costume. On the other side, if you want to be a Gothic nymph complete your costume with the Black Nymph Wings. Dress up and celebrate!