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  •  Indian Bow Arrow Set

Native American Indian Bow And Arrow Set

Product #: WC40023

A must-have accessory to complete your Halloween Costume!


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Native American Indian Bow And Arrow Set - Indian Costumes

A true Indian Hunter makes sure to carry the right equipment for the job. Even if you are only impersonating a Native American Huntsman in a Costume, the Native American Bow and Arrow Set makes sure that you do it right. The life of an American Indian was no walk in the park; hunter and gatherer societies depended on the right tools to be able to eat and protect their territory from invaders. That is why this set includes items that can be used by Native Indian Hunters and Warriors alike.

Native American Bow and Arrow Set includes a bow which is approximately 30 inches in length, three arrows with suction cup tips, one hunting knife and one holster for arrows and another holster for the knife. This appropriate Costume Accessory Kit will give your costume a more realistic look!

Please note arrow and knife holster colors may vary from the color in the photo. Holsters can also be black. Happy Hunting or Trick or Treating!

Brand: Forum Novelties

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