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Monsters University Costumes

The movie Monsters Inc was a great success in 2001 and it changed the way that children felt about closet monsters. On June of 2013, Walt Disney-Pixar Studios released a second movie based on the comical little monsters before they became professional “scarers”. The movie named Monsters University was actually a prequel to the original release. The movie explores how the main character, Mike, became interested in working in the scaring industry and the process he went through in college in order to pursue his desired scaring career.

The great thing about Monsters University is that children are able to think differently about the idea of monsters and eliminates irrational fears they may have. These creatures are portrayed as average people with families, jobs and all the regular routines and struggles that humans face everyday. This is also the type of movie that adults can watch with their kids and fully enjoy without getting the feeling that the film was way too childish. This formula is a recipe for film success as it welcomed audiences of all ages and provides plenty of humorous content to consider this a laugh-out-loud comedy.

Monsters University is all about family fun and so are the movie costumes. This Halloween, your whole family can go trick-or-treating as the friendliest aspiring monsters to hit the theaters. Choose Monsters University costumes featuring main characters such as Mike, Sulley and Art. Even your pooch can dress up as a little blue monster. These original movie costumes are one of this year’s biggest trends for Halloween.