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Mickey Mouse Costumes

Disney's most popular character comes to you in the costume form! Mickey Mouse Costumes are some of the most sought-after Disney-themed disguises at every Halloween store across the world. We bring you one of the best selections on the web, ready to ship to any location!

About Mickey Mouse Costumes

Do we really need an introduction for Mickey Mouse? He's been with around for ages, literally. So many generations have grown up watching him that it is not hard to understand why Mickey Mouse Costumes are as popular as they are. If I started listing all the thing's that I've learned from him and the series' characters, you'll be here reading this description for hours, so let's not get into it. But yes Mickey Mouse series and movies have affected almost every child's life, and that effect never really goes away, even when you get old.

There's no denying that Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes are most popular among couples, as there is no couple as adorable as them in the entire universe. It's okay to be obsessive love birds and dress up in costumes of your favorite cartoon characters, Mickey and Minnie, together with your loved one. There's no way you'll not be adored and loved at any place you go.

Since the inception of Mickey Mouse, there has been a huge fan following of people wanting Mickey Mouse costumes among people of every age and gender, and if you're still reading this, there's a probability you're one of them. So, let's not waste any more time, and get right into the costumes.

Costumes for a Minnie Halloween

There is a character from the Mickey Mouse series that stole Mickey’s heart: Minnie Mouse—his one and only love interest. We have numerous variations of Minnie Mouse Costumes, and all of them look so intriguing and adorable that you'll want to have them all in your costume wardrobe. We have Minnie costumes for infant babies, girls, and adult women as well, and all of them sport different designs and a different take on the look of the character. The colors vary from pink to red to black to the combination of red and black, which provides a range you'd love to scroll through and choose a costume that suits you best. You can find a number of accessories for these costumes as shoes, ears, bows, hats etc.

All About Mickey Costumes!

The collection of Mickey Mouse costumes that we offer is probably the most unrivalled among all the other collections on different sites. You'll get everything you needing a bunch of varieties. Just like Minnie, Mickey Mouse costumes come for all the age groups: boys, men, adults, infants. No matter what age you're, we have a perfect costume to turn you into the adorable mouse Mickey. There is huge amount of difference in each two character costumes: in detailing, color and design. The infant baby costumes are available in normal prestige version. We have hats and gloves to accessorize these costumes.

Why We are a Top Choice

Our Mickey Mouse costumes are very reasonably priced with no compromise when it comes to the quality and authenticity of our products. You will not find such a wide range of Mickey Mouse Costumes anywhere else. The thing that makes us most convenient is that you can buy directly from our online store, and we'll make sure you get your Mickey Mouse costumes as soon as possible. For any assistance, our staff is always here to help you out and provide you the answers to every possible question that arises in your head regarding our Mickey Mouse costume collection. Call us at 1-800-288-9916 or e-mail info@wondercostumes.com and someone from our staff will be there to assist you.