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Michael Myers Costumes

These Michael Myers Costumes include the jumpsuit popular as Halloween icons from the Halloween movie.

Dress up in a Michael Myers Costume from Halloween this Halloween. Could there be a better fit? Michael represents one of the biggest thriller slasher hits in film history. This disturbed character was featured in the Halloween Movie franchise as the relentless killer who manages to escape from an insane asylum after spending 15 years there for a murder he committed when he was only 6 years old. The type of horror that Michael Myers brought to film has left its mark in the Halloween world proving that the scariest costumes don’t have to be based on superstitious or occult beliefs.

What makes Michael Myers so scary is that although the Halloween movies were pure fiction, the potential for his evil doings are pretty much real. Michael Myers was simply a psychopath who was fascinated with murder and violence. Although everyone knows his name, there are not many people familiar with his face. Michael always wore a deformed papier-mâché mask to hide his features and terrify his victims. This was a popular concept for other horror slasher film characters such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s “Leatherface” and Friday the 13th’s Jason. Both of these characters had a similar demeanor and gained the same popularity as Halloween icons but only Michael Myers is literally from Halloween.

These Michael Myers Costumes include the jumpsuit that he wore when he escaped the insane asylum as well as the legendary mask that defines this unmistakable costume. Accessorize with a toy butcher knife prop and you will have every one running scared.