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Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid Costumes

Colorful Mermaid Costume

The vision of a lustrous Mermaid has the potential to both fascinate and devastate...so make the choice with our wide selection of Mermaid Costumes! They were known throughout ancient Greece in the tale of The Odyssey as beautiful sea maidens who's bewitching song alone was enough to lure unfortunate sailors to a watery grave. The Vikings of the North recognized them through the tale of the cursed Rheingold, in which a trio of mermaid sisters were its keeper. The Celts told a tale about the mysterious Undine creature, a mermaid or "water nymph" who could obtain a soul by falling in love with a human. Disney later romanticized the concept of Mermaids through their box-office hit musical, The Little Mermaid, based off of Hans Christian Anderson's tragic short story.

Popular culture has come to associate Mermaids with symbols of freedom and a deeper connection to the natural world that ordinary humans fail to grasp. Pop singer Katy Perry frequently performs for her audiences in the guise of a sparkling Mermaid. So what will it be - smoldering temptress or playful sea-damsel? The choice is yours. A Mesmerizing Mermaid Adult Costume will make you look like the ocean's rock star when topped off with a seaweed boa and sassy wig. Or have some fun with a favorite Disney baddie and don a Sexy Ursula Costume.

Becoming a Mermaid Princess is second only to being a Ballerina in every little girl's heart - let her experience the magic with a Blue Magical Mermaid Kids Costume. Officially Licensed Disney Costumes and more await in our repertoire of fabulous Mermaid Costumes & Accessories!