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Mens 80s Costumes

“Bring back the 80s” is a common phrase in the 2000s; you can do so in a Men’s 1980s Costume. The 1980s were a musical wonderland full of vibrant colors and eccentric fashion that is heavily missed by those fortunate enough to have lived during those times. The 1980s marked the early days or musical genres such as rap and punk while pop music was being taken over superstar sensations such as Michael Jackson, Prince and Rick James. Explode into 80s stardom in a 1890s Costume for Men.

Important Male figures of the 1980s ranged all the way from musical icons to movie characters that left an imprint in pop history. You can bring your favorite 1980s personalities to your next Halloween or 80s theme party with a “totally rad” Men’s 80s Costume.

Michael Jackson will forever hold the title as king of pop which is why it is always important to do him justice with legit 1980s Michael Jackson Costume. On the set of Thriller, Michael rocked the stage and some of the coolest Zombie Outfits used in a music video. You can dress up as the Man himself in the Deluxe Michael Jackson Thriller Men’s Costume, or wear one of his famous military style jackets in a variety of colors. These Jackets were featured in some of his most noted performances and videos.

Music was at the center of 80s culture, don’t miss out on dressing as your all time favorites. You can bring MC Hammer back in an Old School Rapper Costume for Men that includes the parachute pants and all. If you feel more like a 1980s Rock Star, try a Hair Band Glam Rocker Costume for Men or accessorize the Punk in you with the “Punk Braces” Costume Accessory set. Remember that the 80s were also an elite age of Metal so you can Rock the party in a Cryptic Rocker Costume or a Metal Mayhem Outfit.

There is an easy option for any Man that seeks the right 80s Costume. If you music is not your thing, you will be glad to know that there are popular 80s Characters that will bring back refreshing memories. Try Fraggle Rock Webbly Costume or become a ghost Buster to rid the night of fear during Halloween. To put it simply, the 80s were awesome! There is a reason why today, most things “retro”, take elements of the 80s to re-introduce to the modern world.