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Mens 1920s Costumes

If you selected to Dress in a Men’s 1920s Costume, you are in for a treat. The 1920s were a romantic era in American history that kicked off with a burst of thrills and ended up in a Great Depression. Ignore the depression part and focus on the thrills, you will be guaranteed an enjoyable Costume experience if you choose the right Attire for your event.

The 1920s “roared” with exciting happenings that made this decade a most desired destination for future time travelers (if it’s ever becomes possible of course). If you are searching for Costumes in this category, it is very likely that you are one of these mesmerized time tourists that wishes to walk in the shoes of an everyday 1920s Man.

Get into character as a 1920s Gangster; laws like Prohibition in the 1920s set the stage for some of the most profitable illicit activity in American history and Gangsters were at the center of it all. Speakeasy saloons ran by Mobsters popped up all over the country to supply the high demand for liquor after alcoholic beverages were outlawed. If you read or saw “The Great Gatsby”, you may remember that this is how Jay Gatsby made his fortune. Find a Gangster Costume and portray a sleazy Mobster Bootlegger this Halloween. If you want to get away from the 1920s Crime scene, dive into the world of 1920s sports. The 1920s were a wonderful decade for Baseball. Represent the all-time home-run champion Babe Ruth, with an Ol Tyme Baseball Player Men’s Costume. For something more humoristic, try the 1920s “Beachside Clyde” Men’s Costume that features an old fashion 20s Bathing Suit for Men that leaves just about everything to the imagination.

Look around the 20s selection for a while, you will eventually run into the ideal Men’s 1920s Costume. If you need to some assistance, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us, we will be happy to help you Dress Up for this memorable era.